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What are your online goals?

Each business will have its own objectives. Of course, It’s good to know exactly what you want to achieve by getting your business online.

It can help you give you the right priorities going forward and help you plan your future to limit any overwhelming feelings.

There are tonnes of ways bringing your business online can help you bring new customers to your physical services. For example, establishing relationships through social media networks, selling your products online and finding new customers.

I’d recommend starting by asking yourself a simple question: why, exactly, do I want to be online? Imagine you own a pet grooming service. Your plan could could be: to find more pets to beautify, sell additional services on top of the standard wash and cut, or sell more of the other products you offer.

Before anyone can help you meet these goals they need to know that you exist, which is where going digital steps in. It's how you get your message out into the world.

An easy starting point for this is listing your business in local online directories. So, when people look for pet groomers online, your business will show up.

Should you decide to have a website built for you to share information about your business, this could a perfect avenue of gaining new eyes on your business. Things like, your location, opening hours, the services you offer and prices. Of course adding additional extras like photos and videos could also entice new customers to walk through your door or book a service!

You should also set up a social media page - like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Google+ where you can keep your customers up to date with photos of your creations, offer special deals and connect with your customers 1 on 1. As you begin to achieve your online business goals, more and more people should become aware of you. This may mean that your goals can naturally evolve and at this is the point in which you'd want to realign your focus toward turning your new visitors into paying customers.

This can be helped by adding a few new features to your website. Fore example; online appointment bookings, “reviews” section to provide an area where people can leave kind ir constructive words about your business (and also provide 'social proof!), or even an e-commerce store to sell your services and products online.

As you'll start bringing in visitors to your website and social media you'll want to start turning them into customers to increase your revenue, you could start expanding your business by investing in online advertising. Whatever your ultimate online goals are, or where-ever you currently stand, your priorities will naturally adapt and evolve with your business.

You can make sure of your progress by adding analytics to your website and social media pages to ensure you’re meeting your business targets.

By doing this you'll know exactly what's been working for you so far and what you can improve on! Making it the perfect way to tailor your content in future and optimise the amount of potential customers that come to your website.

We’ll delve into this more in our next post, by using digital services such as these you’ll have many options for measuring your online success.

In the next few posts we'll help guide you with your plan to building a strong online web presence. You can subscribe below to hear from us in future if this is something you'd be interested in!


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