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Are you thinking of bringing your business online? Do you already have a business online but it’s not yet profitable?

Bringing you business online can be very beneficial for you. You can be your own boss, you are the one who manages your time and you answer to no one but yourself.

Nowadays, it is easier to promote and create business without paying too much into advertising and you can ask your friends to help you out with your starting business.

How can you bring your business online? Because of the technology we have right now, you can put up even a small business and bring it to the world through the power of the internet.

But you have to know that it is also not that easy to be well known in every platform so I have 11 tips below to showcase what you need before you bring your business to the online world.

1. Know your product well.

You have to be fully aware of the kind of online business that you will have. Get ready with all the bullet points on how to market your products or services, as you should aim to have a unique impact to everyone who will visit your platform. Start also, with writing a detailed paragraph for your services that you offer, don’t focus on selling your product right away but be intellectual in your approach and pinpoint the areas of your offering that are best for your client’s needs and wants.

2. Signup and join in well-known social platforms

One of the best strategies that you can utilise with your product and/or services is to post them on social media sites websites. And before you can post anything, of course you need to have an account on all those platforms,you can join and reach anyone from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest. Youtube, etc. and by having these social sites will help your business reach many possible customers in the future.

3. Look for the best Influencers to promote your product

If you want your product/services to be well known in a snap to the world, you can choose to find the best influencers to help you promote your business. Once you find the right influencer, be prepared for more sales than ever before. Influencer marketing has grown vastly in the past few years and can be an incredibly powerful tool to marketing your brand. You can search for the best Youtuber, vlogger or blogger to try your product and services, and they should be happy to provide you with positive feedback to their large audience.

4. Promote your business with discounts and free giveaway

This is like a magnet to your business to entice more clients. It’s not bad to give discounts and giveaways to your first time clients or to your older clients. Who don’t like discounts and freebies, right? You can create a poll, and choose a winner. In that way, you are also engaging with different types of people to offer your products and services.

5. Be attentive to all inquiries

Not all that will ask you about your product or services will purchase something from you. But providing the best customer service experience sometimes lead to a successful sale, so answer all their inquiries. Try to be approachable and make conversation with each potential customer.

6. Find your right market

You have to find the right market for your products and services. You will not offer and send invitation emails to a coffee shop if your business is merchandising for example. You need to research, join forums and communities and find the right niche for your products to sell in. Try to search once in a while on your competitors and how they become successful in your field.

7. Build a website

If you want your business to be fruitful and monetized online, you have to create a website, This will be the hub from where you will showcase your products and services. Make it simple and concise, you want to create the best possible experience for people visiting your site. Use graphics, audio and video to give thorough explanations about your offers where needed. You can hire also someone to manage your website and drive traffic into it. Don’t forget to use search engine optimization to obtain higher search engine rankings and more visitors flood to your website.

8. Email marketing

This will turn your visitors into potential buyers. Once they visit your website and opts into your mailing list, they will become a potential hot lead. You could have a special ad banner or light-box on your website that is eye-catching to every visitor and acts as a magnet to drive email subscriptions. Because of techniques like this, there are many companies and corporations who became successful without spending a penny while sending cold emails to convert it into sales.

9. Referrals

Another strategy to start an online business is to have referrals from your previous customers. This will provide you an addition of 50% of your sales from referrals and will add your net profit. This is a highly used method of marketing, especially among small businesses and enterprises, never underestimate the power of your customer’s word of mouth. This is a prime example of why you should always provide an excellent service and treat your customers with professionalism.

10. Build your credibility

Ask your previous clients to write a review on the product or services they got from your company. This will boost your sales, since everyone who buys and purchases online looks first to reviews to determine if it’s legitimate and reviews will be your form of social proof.

11. Keep your customers on file

Keep a file of your past customers so you can send occasional promotional offers and new launch products and services in the future. Of course you need to do this in moderation, as you don’t want to flood them with spam mail. Aim to provide them with good value or entertainment with each communication that you send and you increase your open rate drastically. They will become your positive lead subject and hopefully endless sales possibilities.


Of course, there are some starting businesses that made a huge hit and this will depend entirely on the skill, dedication and knowledge of its employees. It will depend on how you market your products and services online, we recommend doing your research in your niche so you know exactly how you should tackle your approach.

Please be reminded that not all online businesses can become instantly successful, there are many companies that have had to wait two to three years before they earn real amounts of money. Of course, there are some starting businesses that made a huge hit and this will depend entirely on the skill, dedication and knowledge of its employees. It will depend on how you market your products and services online, we recommend doing your research in your niche so you know exactly how you should tackle your approach.

It is better to research first online, study the online world and know your competitors well. Be aware of the current technology, differentiate all the categories of every consumer before you start your own business. And for those who are new to online business and not gaining any profit yet, you have to sit down and evaluate, lay out your cards, and research what and why is wrong and how you can begin to improve. Ask for advice online and from friends and family, then conquer the online world and earn your success.

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