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11 Things you can do today to promote your business FOR FREE

There are many companies and agencies that offers advertising your business online. But if you can find platforms that offer these free services, why not try them first? Though free online advertising will cost you nothing, you will have to create and build unique ideas and strategies for your content.

1. Make your business visible in online directories

Add your business listing to directories which are relevant to your business so it will look real and less like spam. List your business in Yelp & Yell and see how it goes. They help businesses to host, develop and reach your target market niche of your business. You can setup a free account with Yelp and you can post photos and also message your customers. There are a large number of online directories you can find through google by searching ‘online directory’ enter your business in as many as possible!

2. Join in blogs, forums, and discussions

Give yourself ample time to make contributions to forums, blogs and discussions that are relevant to your business. Some of the inquiries happen during discussions will bring you sales leads for your business. Some of the best well known forums online are Reddit, Twitch, Quora.com, Github, Imgur, Stack Overflow, Discord, Steam, Medium, IGN Boards, Microsoft Docs, GameFAQs, 4Chan, Ultimate Guitar, Slick Deals, Nexus Mods,, XDA-Developers Android Forums, tianya.cn, Kaskus, tutorial point, GeeksforGeeks, MDN Web docs, Ars Technica, MoneySavingExpert.com, Landscape Juice, inBusiness UK, UK Business Forums, Startups UK Forum, The Wholesale Forums

3. Ask for Testimonials from your customers.

Your customers who appreciate your brand and services will be your partner to grow your business. Ask them to make testimonials on the product or services they receive from your business. This is very helpful to promote your business because they are building trust for your brand. But not everyone will provide testimonials for you, ask politely and they may provide your business a testimonial.

4. Find the best social influencers

Nowadays people advertise their business thru social influencers on a certain niche. This will help your brand to be easily accepted by anyone who will need your services in the future. Influencers have already had their so called viewers that will maybe turn out to be your customers especially if the influencer provides positive feedback.

5. Give discounts, coupons and free promos

There are many platforms now that before you subscribe to their services they offer a free month trial or a sample of their product. This will entice your possible customers and clients to trial your services and will let them share the good news to others that will lead and benefit your business to have additional clients. Make this as an advantage to attract more people and potential clients.

6. Create LinkedIn account

If your business is a business to business company, it can be beneficial to create a LinkedIn account and grow your presence in highlighting your company. Try to engage with relevant people to offer a great and genuine insight, LinkedIn is like the resume of your business to showcase all of your services.

7. Create a Twitter account

This is a very good platform to engage with all the industries and consumers to talk and share your services. You can also respond to your customer's feedback and reviews and retweet their content. You can use Twitter to create a broad and successful media campaigns to increase your product sales. Twitter is best used as an informal way to interact with potential customers as opposed to facebook & twitter which are more image based.

8. Create an Instagram profile

Instagram is very popular these days to take your brand to a new level especially if your company is more visual and video focused. Running a social media page is often a full time job in many companes, if you can assign someone hardworking into running your social media pages this can be very beneficial. However if you cannot at the moment, there are social media management tools like buffer and tailwind for example that can take some of the workload out of your daily posts. Instagram is an excellent tool platform to create awareness for your brand, If you struggle to promote your products and services directly, then Instagram will help you on this field.

9. Create a Facebook business page

Almost everyone has Facebook and almost everyday they visit their Facebook accounts to chat, make audio and video calls, engage with others, watch video, sell online, play online games, etc. For me this is the best platform to advertise and showcase your business. Whether it’s an organic way of reaching consumers or just use Facebook ads to help your business grow if you have the budget. But either way, you can expect to speak to anyone around the globe with this platform. Create unique content to promote your brand and you will see daily how you generate more profit without them having to visit your physical business address.

10. Create a blog and Youtube account

Another platform that will help your business to promote online is making your own blogs and capturing video by yourself or your brand then upload it in Youtube. Making your own blogs is like talking to your readers and consumers in an instant. On your blog posts, you can showcase your brand in any industry, and with Youtube, you can promote your products and services to show the benefits to everyone. This is also a great way to engage your online community to grow fast and rank your business online using search engine optimization for choosing the right keywords. This will build a perfect relationship with your prospective clients while building your brand relatively.

11. Take advantage of Mailchimp free email marketing services

If you don’t know about email marketing, spend some time to research and create an account with Mailchimp. With Mailchimp, you can send 12,000 emails every month and have up to 2,000 subscribers for free. That’s a lot of emails and subscribers without spending a penny.


If you are a starting company and you have a tight budget for marketing and advertising in a traditional way like showcasing your brand through television ads, newspapers, and radio, I suggest to try online marketing that offers free services like our social networking sites. This will save you a lot of money in spending too much on marketing, but ensures you will reach your target audience for your business.

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